Week 2: Sculpture

Going into this project, I had an idea of what I was going to do but no idea of the results.  I went with a friend, only expecting it to be the two of us but we ended up leaving with a new friend from the class! We saw the main group of people from the art class on the beach but we did not know the20150903_104916m so we went to the side of them.  The three of us just started digging and we made our plaster and the molds.  After pouring the liquid into the sand, I was a bit nervous that the liquid was too runny or that once it did set, it would break off as I was trying to pull the sculpture out.  While we were waiting, we talked about what we were studying at Cal State Long Beach and our interests.  When the plaster was finally dried up and I pulled it out, I felt a sense of pride in my sculpture, even though it was not the nicest.  I felt like a kid again doing art projects and I felt so relaxed that day.  I am really looking forward to the rest of the semester because it feels therapeutic to have fun instead of reading chapters in a text book and solving problems in front of a computer screen.


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