Week 3: Artist Conversation feat. William Brigham

This week was the first week going to the galleries.  When I got there, I realized that I had to start my day with a little cardio because I forgot my laptop in the Nugget!  After a very brisk, hot walk, my friend Inessa and I started looking into the galleries.  Even though the rooms were small, you can feel the stories of all the pieces around you.  We went to the first room and loved the different ways of pictures on the walls.  But sadly did not feel a connection with this gallery, even though it was beautifully done.

Processed with VSCOcam

As we were walking out, I noticed a big crowd in a small room and was pulled towards it.  When we walked in, it was difficult to hear the artist and ask him questions about his pieces solely due to the amount of people that was in there!  Although we missed the introduction of this artist, we still learned a lot him. His name is William Brigham and his pieces were out on display in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery.  His gallery was filled with materials like different metals and clays, all put together in a way that showed all the colors and textures.  His gallery was based off of Japanese styles of making pottery, vessels, and knives

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The part of the gallery that really caught my eye was the wall that said Mokume Gane.  I was captured by the colors and patterns of the vessels that were there because so vivid.  This technique is known to the Japanese culture and not really practiced in the US or any other country, really.  The artist described this process to be long and tedious because he had to clamp this sheets of metal together and let this heat at a high temperature until each sheet was as thin as a human hair.  He said that he was one of the few, under 5 people, in the United States to practice this technique.  This past summer, he experimenting with the different type of ways to create vessels and pottery for this very gallery.  He chose these techniques as a challenge because he described it as creating a deadline and feeling satisfaction after finishing them.

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In this gallery, I saw the hard work that Brigham put into his pieces.  Rather than the meaning of the pieces, I took the words of the artists to heart.  Challenging yourself will open you to new things and Brigham’s gallery was a great example because he was amazing at this particular technique, especially learning it over the summer! I felt the passion that he had for art and the dedication he had to keep to this difficult medium.  If I took these thoughts into my own life, I can find my passion and dedicate my time to it.  With those things together, my results will be as beautiful as his pieces.


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