Week 3: Classmate Conversation feat. Courtney Sakuma

20150910_113536When I first met Courtney, she seemed really bubbly and sweet. After talking to her for a while, I found out that we actually went to the same high school and had a few of the same friends!  She graduated in 2013 from Cypress High School, a year before I graduated.  She is currently a 3rd year at Cal State Long Beach and is a Civil Engineer major and also has a brother going to CSULB as a 1st year Business major.  She is from Long Beach and is Japanese but does not speak the language.

I found out that we actually had a bit more in common than I initially thought we would.  She was telling me that she loved to bake, but she did not eat what she made and I could not help but think, “Hm..I do that too.” I thought it was kind of funny that she said she was an awful cook after.  She loves to read and draw in her free time, that was something that I could also relate to because I find those two things very therapeutic.  But when she told me that she runs the Disneyland half marathon every year, I was not able to relate whatsoever because I absolutely hate running.

It was funny because in my group of friends, I am known to be kind of oblivious to the people around me.  So when I asked some of my friends if they knew her, they just laughed at me and said, “Yes Jeanine, we do.”  It goes to show that you never know who you might meet and it turns out you went to the same high school!


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