Week 4: Painting

For this activity, I was really excited.  Although the day before, I was dreading the heat and drive.  This trip to Venice was made bearable with the company of some old and some new friends Inessa, Courtney, and Diana!  When we got to Venice, we were slightly confused because we could not find where the permits were. So we did not end up getting one because no one was there and everyone said that it was okay just to paint.

We all were a bit nervous because we never had any experience with spray paint and we did not want to mess up the part of our wall.  But when we got started, it was a lot of fun.  There was no rhyme or reason to our spraying, we just started spraying.  At first it was a little hard to get a handle of the spray paint because it was not like acrylic where you can control it.  For me, it started off as a big mess and I was thinking, “This is probably going to be the worst graffiti Glenn has ever seen.”  But by the end of it, I was pleasantly surprised by my work! I decided to do “J9” for a two reasons.  The first being that I did not want to be a wall hog because my name has 7 letters and I tend to write everything really big!  The other reason is that my friends rarely call me Jeanine, it is usually J9 because it is short and easy.  To me, J9 is in a way my “street” name and I felt that it was fitting for this project!

Overall, I think this activity was really fun and a new approach to painting.  When you think of painting, you think of oil, water, and acrylic because that is what is known to be proper painting.  Graffiti is a new take on it and it is really refreshing.  Down the streets of Venice, you see people making extraordinary pieces.  I believe that people overlook the beauty of graffiti because it has a reputation to be in areas that are not so nice.  If there was a way to make it legal like it was at the art walls, I think that people would take the time to appreciate it.

But on the flip side, I do understand the reason why people dislike it so much.  Personally, I feel like there is a time a place for everything.  In a perfect world, graffiti would be considered a form of art.  Unfortunately, do to the bad reputation and the people that deface significant public places ruin it for the people who make graffiti a beautiful form of art.  This activity put a lot of perspective on art because it showed that there are so many forms of art that is not traditional   but is just as beautiful.



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