Week 4: Classmate Conversation feat. Diana Nguyen


This week, I talked to Diana Nguyen!  She is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering major that commutes.  She is Vietnamese and speaks the language.  The last time she was in Vietnam was when she was 8.  She watches a lot of cartoons with her younger brother and says that she has an addiction to Plants vs. Zombies!  We met at the Max L. Gatov Gallery East just walking around, looking at the art.

When we were first talking, we were only talking about the basics, what we wanted to do in the future, our hobbies, and school.  But when we started to talk about occupations, I mentioned that I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse.  She told me about the time that she was a freshman in high school and took a trip to tour a hospital.  She explained to me that the nurse took her group into a room that was not clean yet.  She was not so much fixed on the blood, but what happened that caused the blood.

Diana picked Electrical Engineering because she did not want to go to school for 8+ years for Optometry.  She tried out engineering and picked Electrical as a subdivision and just got stuck with it.  I thought that this was funny because I had similar thoughts when I contemplated medical school.  It was interesting to see that someone else decided to go into another profession for the same reason as me.

For the question of the week, Diana thinks that art only has meaning to the artist.  That the artist is the only person that knows the true meaning of the piece and the emotions behind it.  To her, a lot of people do art because it is fun and they enjoy it.  I thought that this was very unique because I had a different meaning of art.  It was refreshing to hear a different view than your own.

After our conversation, we started talking about the activity this week and we decided to get a small group together and carpool.  It was really nice because I did not expect to walk out of class that day with new friends!  Diana is a really sweet person and very interesting thoughts.  We connected on the fact that we were both Vietnamese and had a lot of fun getting to know each other that day!


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