Wk5 – Activity – Deep Ethnography

For this activity, I will have to admit that I was pretty nervous.  In today’s day and age, it is quite difficult to give up electricity.  My parents thought it was quite strange because we are so used to using electricity in all of the little things like lamps and fans.  I did not think that I would last the night because, to be honest, I am always glued to my computer.  As the clock ticked closer I became more nervous.  My bedroom was where I decided to be for this activity.

When the sun finally went down, I turned off all of my electronic devices.  after what I believed to be 20 minutes I started to grow really annoyed.  I became bored and restless.  I started to burn a few candles to relax a little and it got a little better.  I laid in bed and I started to think.  My mind began to wander to my future and the plans that I had for myself.  I began to think about what I wanted in life and how I was going to achieve it.  I started to think about my boyfriend and our relationship.  I thought about my family and the relationships that I had with them.

When I was laying in bed for about 2 hours maybe, I started thinking about Christmas.  I began to think about Christmas presents and what I wanted to get for my friends and family.  With the candles still lit, I found a notepad and pen and started to write.  I made a few lists of what I was going to buy for everyone.  I thought about Black Friday and Thanksgiving since they are not too far away.  But then, I thought about what it would be like if I had to do this everyday of my life.  Generally, I am a night owl and love to be up at night, but that night, I was just bored and went to sleep.

This activity was very enlightening because it made me realize that not everyone has electricity.  I consider myself a person that is very attached to my devices.  If I was put in a place where I did not have any electricity, I truly believe that I would not make it because I am so used to television, music, and refrigerators!  But I guess that it is normal for some cultures and I really respect them for that.  Electricity is a blessing and a curse.  In this situation, it was a curse because I realized how dependent I became.


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