Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukui

Honestly, as I was walking through the galleries, There were not many pieces that caught my eye.  I thought that I was being picky until I stumbled into the Dutzi-Gallery.  The gallery itself was not dramatic or busy but very simple and clean.  I looked at the pink circles on the walls and wondered how they were made.  I come to learn from my conversation with Kiyomi Fukui that they were tea stains of hibiscus on table tops or doilies.  Along the floor of the gallery, in small corners, there were little pieces of what seemed to be leaves and porcelain.


Fukui is a 27 year old graduate student at Long Beach, majoring in printmaking.  Her inspiration for this piece project was to interact and create a sense of empathy and sympathy.  She believes that art should be together with life rather than separate.  Fukui explained that at first, this project used beet or carrot juice but later used hibiscus tea because the pink would represent life, or blood.  Although these ingredients are deep in color, they are not permanent.


Something that really nice about her exhibit was how personal it is.  Her art was inspired by loss and in that sense, it was really special.  Her partner had a big helping hand in this because he would make her tea after her loss and it comforted her.  Her idea of Reminiscing Remnants was very interesting because you do not think of looking at the small things every day.  Her pieces were bits of her and her friends in the sense that they left a “remnant” of that moment.


I thought her pieces were so interesting because the idea was to leave a piece behind.  It was also nice because she focuses on non toxic, organic matter with her art.  I also feel that her belief that art should be incorporated with life because art is so personal.  It was a lot of meaning to it when it is inspired by personal events like Fukui’s.  This exhibit was sleek, simple and beautiful.

Website: cargocollective.com/kiyomifukui


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