Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Meghan Arce

This week, I interviewed Meghan Arce!  I spoke to her while I was walking around with my friend Inessa.  While we were walking around, we were just making small talk about our majors and our our hobbies.  Meghan is a second year at Cal State Long Beach.  She is a human development major and hopes to go to graduate school for occupational therapy, specializing in sensory with kids.  Before she decided on occupational therapy, she wanted to teach kindergarten.  I thought this was really cool because I share the same interest in helping children.  She is currently 19 but turning 20 in February.  She loves sports and played 6 throughout her life so far, soccer being her favorite.  She has a younger sister and is really close to her.  When we spoke, she mentioned that she might be transferring and I thought that it was a shame because she was so sweet!  For the question of the week, we both thought it was a little funny.  Never the less, she said that she “swims” in the ocean when she goes to the beach with her friends!


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