Wk6 – Classmate Conversation – Eva Drexler


For this week’s classmate conversation, I spoke to Eva Drexler!  So some back ground information is that she is 19 years old and that she was born in December making her a Sagittarius.  She is from the Bay area and is a second year at Cal State University, Long Beach!  She is a health science major and wants to work with the community, most likely with adolescents and sexual health.  She loves to cook, yoga and hike at the beach.  She was so sweet to talk to and she seems very enthusiastic about all of her hobbies and her major.

As we spoke, I thought it was pretty cool that she knew that she was a Sagittarius.  She said that although she is not crazy and follows it for everything, she believes in it to an extent and enjoys following it for leisure.  As we were looking through the galleries, I asked her how she liked it at Long beach.  She said that it was a bit tough because she was concerned that she wasn’t going to like it.  But as the semesters went on, she started to like it at Long Beach so it looks like she is here to stay!  With that being said, she still gets homesick because that is where her boyfriend and family is so she visits very often.  I thought to myself that I don’t know if I could ever go somewhere like that because like her, I would miss home like crazy.

She mentioned that she has two sisters that she is really close to but fortunately, one of her sisters live in Los Angeles so it makes it easier to see her.  Her oldest sister is getting married in July, CONGRATULATIONS, and Eva is really excited for that to happen.  I found out that we both love to travel so it was really fun talking about that with her.  She plans to go to France and Italy this summer with her best friend so she is hoping those plans go through.  She has traveled to Spain with a language immersion group for her third year in high school with one of her other best friends.  She explained that ever since that trip, she has had the urge to travel more, focusing in Europe since that was her only time there.

For the question of the week, her answer was that color adds something to art and life.  It brings joy and excitement to something that might seem dark or plain at first.  Although my answer was a bit different, I thought that this was so true.  Art pieces that sometimes contain color makes life a bit brighter and lighter.  She used to be intimidated by art and it was kind of hard for her to do it but now she is more open-minded.  This class has inspired her to take a print making class next semester and I wish her all the luck!  Eva is such a driven person and is so pleasant to talk to!


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