Wk6 – Activity – Identity Art

Screenshot_2015-10-04-15-11-11Periscope Username: @j9pham

For this week’s Periscope activity, I had no idea how to go about it.  I did not know where I should have started because it was all so new to me!  I was scared and did not know if anyone was going to watch my broadcast or if I was just going to end up broadcasting myself.  I never really heard anything like it before.  I was trying to think pretty hard of what I was going to periscope for a few days.  I finally decided to periscope myself during my chemistry lab.  I thought that this was a good idea because not everyone knows what it is like to be in a chemistry lab and that particular day was titration!

I nervously took my phone out and started the broadcast.  For the first fifteen minutes, I was very nervous.  I did not know who was going to watch it or if anyone at all was going to watch it.  I kept thinking, what if my classmates think I am weird for just filming myself during this lab? But that feeling slowly subsided as I kept broadcasting.  Someone asked me, “Why are you filming yourself?”  I simply answered, “Its for my art class!” They thought it was pretty cool that a class on campus had that as an activity.  I was pretty proud of myself for doing this because I am typically such a shy person.

As I familiarized myself with Periscope, I thought the concept itself was pretty cool.  It was such a crazy idea that someone could broadcast themselves from across the globe and you can simply watch by a stroke.  This allows a much more personal connection to different people because that is what is really happening in their lives rather than getting it all from the media.  For example, after Bree Olsen came to our class and spoke, I watched a few of her broadcasts and thought that they were very relatable because it was just of her putting on make up or what not.

This activity was a great way to explore a different platform of social media.  It opened you to a different way of a person’s life rather than seeing filtered pictures from Instagram.  It showed you what people do on a daily basis rather than see exciting 10 seconds on Snapchat.  It was a way to identify someone in a way that was neglecting what everyone else saw from different platforms.  I had a lot of fun this week and look forward to next week’s activity!


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