Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


As I walked through the galleries, the Gatov-East gallery caught my eye due to the colorful paintings.  This was an incredible find because it a bit different than the other galleries.  For this week, the artist that I chose to interview is Alice Andreini.  She has been doing art for 5 years and is currently at Cal State Long Beach to get her masters degree.  Her pieces in Site Lines were composed of bright, vivid colors such as yellow, orange, green, red, and blue.  These pieces were made with oil paints.  Andreini is more drawn to paint than other mediums.


When first starting a piece, Andreini tends to make a type of rough drafts and researches her ideas.  I thought this was really interesting because she explained that she starts off with a rough draft  because she does not like the idea of it being permanent.  She enjoys the fact the she is able to changes things around if she changes her mind.  This keeps things open.  Quite often when she is working on a project, she uses about three references.  The main idea for her pieces was between bright, colors representing a synthetic contrasting with the look of a real garden.


Andreini’s paintings were bright and beautiful because if the colors that she decided to paint with.  These colors though, do not represent her style because they were kind of like an experiment.  She does not typically use such vivid colors in her pieces.  The inspiration for these paintings were her mother’s garden.  This was where she had the idea to contrast synthetic and reality in gardens.  As for the army men in her garden, Andreini described them in two ways.  She explain that they can be taken as protective of the garden, guarding it’s flowers, or destructive.


I thought that Andreini’s paintings were very interesting because I did not know what to think of when I saw the soldiers.  But when she described that they were meant for interpretation, I thought that it was pretty cool.  The contrast of of the colors with the real colors of the flowers made them pop and was a great eye-catcher whilst walking around in the gallery.  Her ideas for this painting was personal because it had a connection with her mother and I have the same kind of ideas sometimes.  I often take inspiration from my mother, although not for art but for other things in life.  Andreini’s paintings created almost an Alice and Wonderland type feeling and what a coincidence, her first name is Alice!


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