Wk7 – Activity – Snapchat

For this week’s activity, I was really excited.  Personally I like posting on Snapchat way more than Instagram but I enjoy scrolling through Instagram more.  Its kind of funny when you think about it.  I thought to myself, “Finally, an activity that I am more familiar with and that is easier for me to do.”  Throughout the whole day I was waiting for the perfect moment to “snap” for my story.  It was really fun drawing and thinking of clever things or something funny.  I have used Snapchat for a long time now so I am a lot more comfortable using it than Periscope and even Instagram!

For my first picture, I decided to snap myself with my boyfriend’s dog Coco!  The caption I used was, “Put me down.”  I chose this because she is still a puppy about 8 months old and she is always on the go.  Although she has her moments when she loves being held and cuddled with, at that point when I took the picture, she wanted down.  After I got the shot, she immediately jumped from my arms and ran in circles.  I always imagined that if she were able to speak, she would say exactly that!


The second picture that I posted was when I went to a hockey game with my boyfriend.  My team in hockey is the Anaheim Ducks and the team he loves is our rival!  I decided to take the moment and snap a picture of the stadium and put the Ducks’ logo in center ice.  Even though the game was extremely fun, a part of me was a bit happy because his team lost.  Of course i did not show it because it was his birthday gift after all!  I thought it was funny that I painted the center ice because inside, I really wanted to go to a Ducks’ game instead.


For my first classmate screenshot, I took one of my friend Inessa!  She snapped a picture of her coffee.  When we speak in class, we always bond over coffee!  We both constantly talk about how much we both love coffee and it is really nice because a lot of people that I hang out do not love coffee like we do.  I thought it was quite appropriate based on our friendship to take this from her story! For my second classmate, I took it from Meghan Arce!  She posted a picture of a hockey rink and a few players and I thought it was so funny because we never talked about it.  I did not know she was a hockey fan so from now on, I plan to talk to her about it occasionally!


I thought that this activity was, like a lot of the others, a great way to socialize with the classmates!  I collected a few usernames from the day of the gallery and I saw a sneak peak into their daily lives.  This was a really fun day for me because I was doing something that I did anyways and that I enjoyed.  The best part was, I got points for it!  This class never seems to disappoint because the activities are always so enjoyable even though some maybe a bit foreign!

My Snapchat Username: @jeanineyweiney

Classmate Snapchat Usernames: @inessa and @meghanarce


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