Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Norax Ayala


As the gallery doors of the galleries opened, this was the first display that I saw.  I instantly gravitated to these pink prints.  I wondered what they composed of I did not talk to the artist yet.  Her name is Norax Ayala and she was my artist conversation for the week.  Her pieces are composed of pink lipstick.  The original prints is shown in the header photo.  Ayala chose lipstick for a few reasons. Two reasons is that it is non-toxic and is able to go anywhere on the body.

Ayala is in her last year at Cal State Long Beach for her masters’ degree in print making.  She decided to go straight into art after high school.  Her mother had a big role in her art career because of her influence.  Her parents are both Hispanic, Mexican.  These pieces took 2 weeks, 18 hours a day!  Ayala chose printmaking because it was quick and effective.  She also chose it because if the pixilation in the pieces.  She describe this as being digital.  This was like a long distance relationship to her.  It was how you had to rely on digital devices because there is no physical contacts, just webcams and cell phones.


She grew up in Southern California but chose Cal State Long Beach for graduate school and has recently moved to Anaheim.  Ayala is a huge advocate for the LGBT.  For anyone who does not know, that acronym stands Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender.  It is very personal for her to work as a feminist. Gender politics plays a big part in her life.  Her partner is most important to her and that is why she was apart of the creation of these pieces.  Her artist crushes are Francisco de Voya and Andy Warhol.

I thought that her idea of making two things become one was very interesting.  When I first saw her pieces, I instantly believed that it was connected to a loved one of the artist.  The meaning behind her prints made me think about my own relationship with my boyfriend.  The idea of “becoming one” would have seemed so far fetched a week ago but her perspective really opened my eyes to her ideas. Also, pixilation in the larger prints reminded me of my possible future of a long distant relationship. Ayala’s pieces were incredibly relatable in many aspects

Norax Ayala’s Instagram: @norax_darko


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