Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Tommy Lyons


For week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Tommy Lyons!  When we first met, it was kind of awkward to be completely honest.  I was talking to my friend, Courtney and she was about to interview her person for the classmate conversation, Forest!  While we were talking, Tommy walked up and he spoke to Forest.  I seized the opportunity to speak to him for my conversation for the week!  I was a bit intimidated because as you can see from the picture, it does not look like it, but i felt so short compared to him!

Tommy is a chemical engineer major at Cal State Long Beach and is currently in his second year.  He is from Lakewood, California and went to Lakewood High School.  He commutes to school everyday and we talked about the pros and cons of commuting because I do as well!  I asked Tommy about his experience so far and he said he has really been enjoying college.  I asked him how he decided to go to Long Beach and he stated that it had a good engineering program.  He picked chemical engineering specifically because he said he was always good at Chemistry.  I thought it was really cool because I like to think i was pretty good at Chemistry myself!

Unfortunately, when we started to talk about our hobbies, that was when it seemed like we were polar opposites.  Tommy enjoys a lot of outdoor activities.  A few that he really likes is skiing and hiking.  Personally, I am more of an indoor person.  But there was light at the end of the tunnel!  He told me that he loves to play with his 7 year old sister and I was instantly jealous.  I always wanted a baby sister but I have a lot of baby cousins to make up for it.  We talked about how funny little kids can because they tend to say the most outrageous things.

For the classmate conversation of the week, Tommy said that he does not know if he would even want to dye his hair.  Even though his hair is quite light, it used to be bleached blonde as a little kid!  But if he had to, it would not be anything outrageous.  He said he would probably bleach it a little bit to have a flash back of when he was a little kid.  Our conversation was so fun because we had so much to talk about. Check out his blog! Link listed below.


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