Wk8 – Activity – Somebody app

For this week’s activity, I was not looking forward to it.  Mostly because I did not understand it.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of different social media.  I tend to stick to Facebook and YouTube.  As the days got closer to Thursday, I contemplated just doing the edits of other’s posts.  But I hate being critical of others so I decided not to.  A few friends and I decided to play around with this app on Thursday.  It took a while to get used to it but we eventually got!  Something that we struggled with for this activity was the wifi at the galleries!


I started off browsing though the floating messages.  There were a lot of interesting messages to send! I thought that the idea behind this app was really interesting.  I can see how this would be fun if you did this at a party or in a setting resembling the gallery days!  The actions for the messages were really cool because it did not limit the messenger to just saying it, it provided a bit more emotion.  It was interesting how you were able to pick someone to send the message based on the location.


For the actual activity, I received a message from my friend Inessa and it was delivered by Eva!  It was a bit awkward but it became something we all laughed about because we send some pretty funny messages to each other.  I gave Eva a 5 out of 5 stars because she acted exactly how Inessa would have acted if she gave me that message!  I sent a message to Meghan and it was delivered by Inessa.  My message was short but I wanted to see what Inessa would have come up with.  It was for her to sing.  There were a lot of laughs all around because it was kind of funny to use.


For this activity, I had a few reservations for the beginning.  But at the end, I became more comfortable using it.  Out of all the social media activities, I think that I enjoyed Snapchat the most because I use it more often than the others.  Although I probably will not use this app anymore, I thought that it was a fun activity to try out.  It was different from other platforms that we all are used to and that was really interesting to explore the Somebody app.  The activities for Art 110 are always really fun and different.  This class never fails to be interesting!


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