Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Thomas Santillan


This week, I talked to Thomas Santillan! We met actually when we were looking at the artwork and we kind of just said, “hey do you want to do the classmate conversation on each other?” Thomas is a third year computer science major and is from Los Angeles.  I asked how he decided on that major and he said it was pick on a whim.  He came to Long Beach not knowing what he wanted to do and he picked computer.  I thought that he was really lucky because he loved his major ever since then.  I told him when I started college, I had an idea of what I wanted to do but not for sure.  I wish I could love my major as much as he does!

Thomas likes to read comics, especially Spiderman, and bike!  He told me once that he biked all the way from his home to Long Beach! I thought that was crazy but he agreed as well.  He said that he was never going to do that ever again because he was so tired.  I have a lot of respect for him because he bikes to a train station and takes a train to Long Beach; That is his commute.  After a few minutes of conversation, I noticed that he had a few tattoos.  He told me that one of his tattoos was from when he was 16 and he hid it from his mom for 2 years!  He had 2 other tattoos, one on tricep and one on his bicep.  I told him that I have always wanted a tattoo but my parents would never allow it.

One thing that we really bonded over was our love for Disney and Pixar!  This topic came up because one of the galleries reminded him about Hercules, which was his favorite movie as a child.  Something else that I thought was kind of cool was that he moved around a lot as a kid.  He has moved around in California, Minnesota, and Mexico.  When he lived in California, he had a friend that he constantly kept in touch with.  When he got to Cal State Long Beach, he actually bumped into that friend! It’s such a small world!

After college, Thomas is thinking about going into software security or engineering but is not sure.  I thought that this was cool because coding, which is the tip of the ice burg, is something my mind cannot even grasp!  But he also has thought about getting a minor in mathematics.  For the question of the week, he said that the art is something that he has not really seen before.  All of it was really different from the other galleries in the previous weeks.


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