Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

This week, the gallery that caught my eye the most was the Gatov-East gallery.  The pieces in there were so different from the other galleries and they just drew me in.  For my artist conversation, I decided to talk to Rhiannon Aarons.  This exhibit was called Ex Libris.  Her pieces were prints that used a method called drypoint.  This used a method of intaglio printing which created slightly faded marks.  Her pieces were composed of mostly black and white skeletons or skeletal pieces.  One piece was done in a slightly brown color.


Aarons’ is currently in her second year getting her MFA.  She has been seriously training to be an artist for years and since then she has had a lot of experience, including teaching people with disabilities to paint.  Before coming to Cal State Long Beach, she studied at Otis College of Art and Design.  Aarons says that she is interested in the obscure and weird.


The inspiration for these pieces came from anatomy books.  Aarons took the skeletal systems and also mythical literature to create this exhibit.  Her pieces represent a serpent in the Garden of Eden.  For the serpents, Aarons intentionally showed them as feminine even though they are biblically told to be neutral in gender. To add to this, she drew inspiration from Hecate.  She explains this to be a skull of a Goddess.


I thought that these pieces were interesting in the sense that it is a take on biblical or mythical stories.  They show a different side on these stories rather than the traditional or literal meanings.  It shows that Aarons took a year on these pieces because there is so much detail within the pieces.  This shines throughout her artwork and it is as if it is almost real.  The prints were beautiful and they have great stories behind them.

Website: http://www.rhiannonaarons.com

Social Media: http://www.facebook.com/TempestArts and http://www.facebook.com/tempestartsgallery

Twitter: @RhiannonAarons


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