Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley


For this week, my artist conversation was with Maccabee Shelley.  This week, it was easy to decide on which gallery and pieces to write on.  Immediately, when I stumbled into the Gatov-West gallery, I was drawn to how different it was compared to all the other galleries that I have seen.  In the past, there were not many artists that had an interest in science and art and i thought it was neat that he combined science and art.  Shelley is currently at Cal State Long Beach working on his post-baccalaureate but has a degree from Humboldt State in Studio Art.


Shelley created his pieces in many different ways.  He used different things such as ceramic, glass, and round object.  The pieces were put into a kiln and heated up.  From there he was able to manipulate it however he wanted.  He did this by strategically placing the materials that he chose into a certain way so they would melt together.  Shelley collects from recycling centers and or garage sales to gather materials for a lot of his pieces.  Now, he even gets donated items for his pieces because he has such personality in his own community.


Shelley described his inspiration by taking it from a lot of different things rather than focusing on one specific thing.  He likes to push the envelope with his pieces.  He said that it took a lot of trial and sometimes error to finish his pieces because the materials that he worked with was so fragile and delicate.  Shelley said that he really wanted to show in his gallery something that people do not really see int heir daily lives.  He wanted to expand the world view of his audience and open their horizons.


I really enjoyed these pieces within his show this week.  When I looked closely into the pieces, I was digging and trying to uncover what the glass was before it was made into the art pieces that we saw on Thursday.  I thought that it was amazing that he took so much glass and made them so intricate and detailed.  I also thought that his goal of the gallery was interesting because it really was not something that you would see in your everyday world.  His gallery captured the different and unique in some very eco-friendly way of making art.


Check out his website!



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