Wk9 – Classmate Conversation – Samantha McFeely


This week, I had the pleasure of talking to Samantha McFeely, otherwise known as Sam!  We met as we were walking through the outside area of the galleries.  I had a hard time deciding who I was going to talk to because I was a bit shy to talk to some people.  But Sam was really sweet to talk to!  I just walked up to her, asked her and she smiled and agreed.  At first, she was a little intimidating but as we talked, she was super nice.

Sam is a third year criminal justice major with a minor in sociology.  She is looking at law enforcement but is still trying to find other things.  I thought that it was really cool that she was a criminal justice major because I have not met a lot people with that major before.  I also thought a minor in sociology was really cool because when I took sociology 101 during the summer, I thought it was interesting.

Sam is from Santa Cruz.   When we were talking, something that we talked about was sports!  Sam enjoys tennis, soccer, and swimming.  The coolest part of talking was that she told me she used to lifeguard but she does not surf!  I told her that since I am local, I know a lot of people who surfed and lifeguarded at the same time.  I just thought those went hand in hand.  She mentioned that she wants to learn how to surf and I said go for it! A lot of people told me that it is a really fun sport and since she swam and lifeguard, I think she would really enjoy it. Although it can be a bit difficult starting off.

When I asked her about the classmate question of the week, she replied that sculptures were her favorite for of art.  She said that they are easier to interpret, for the most part.  I completely agreed with this!  We talked about how it was hard for us to really understand abstract painting.  For myself, my brain just cannot grasp the concept!  Even though sculpture is her favorite form of art, Sam enjoys looking at all the artwork around the galleries!


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