Wk10 – Activity – Game Design


For this week’s activity, I honestly was not looking forward to it.  Since it was the weekend of Halloween and a week pack full of midterms, I did not feel like going out.  I decided to take a break from my studies one night and went out with my boyfriend to geocache!  This was so much fun, my boyfriend wanted to go out and find more!  I had such low expectations for this activity because I was clouded with stress.  This was a lot different from all of the other activities because it was kind of like searching for treasure!


For my geocache, I decided to put a few of trinkets in it.  The biggest piece that I chose was a hair tie.  I was a little confused because I did not know what to put into the little box.  I was debating if I should put maybe a mini sewing kit or what not.  I thought that this would be fun to do because many people need hair ties and bobby pins.  I hid my little box and walked away, giddy like a child who just got away with something.


Finding a one was a different story. It took a while for my boyfriend and me to find it because, well, we are kind of air heads when it comes to looking closely and trying to find things.  It was supposed to be kind of easy because it was thought to be a “beginners” find.  We were beginners but did not think that it was so easy.  We looked for about a good 30 minutes in the exact same spot, not being able to find it.  But when we found it, it was like the angels were singing because we were so excited!  It was like finding hidden treasures!


Usually, the activities are not something that I usually stick to.  I find myself deleting the apps right after the activity.  But this week, I feel like I am hooked! We were so excited about finding the hidden object that my boyfriend kept asking if we could go find more!  I think that this activity is going to be a new hobby for us and something fun to do when we are bored.  One thing that I will change is possibly doing this during the day.  When we did this, it was at night.  Not the brightest idea but still so much fun!



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