Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Emma Hankin

This week, I did my artist conversation on Emma Hankin.  I chose the her gallery named “Texture and Twine” because it stood out the most to me.   Hankin is from Agoura Hills, California which is 30 North of Los Angeles.  She has been doing art since she was a senior in high school, totaling up to 7 years.  She is currently a student at Cal State Long Beach studying to get her BFA in printmaking.  After she graduates from Long Beach, she plans to take a year off and apply to graduate school.  She says that design will always be apart of her because of her parents but she cannot see herself doing it for a living.20151029_112511

Hankin’s gallery was a mixture of many different things. There were 3-dimensional pieces, pictures and drawings.  Her big piece in the back left corner as you walked in was a piece composed of yarn and tissues.  The prints were made out of silkscreen and zinc etchings.  She uses a mix of color and neutral colors, depending on what the piece calls for.  Some of the pieces that Hankin created on paper ended up being a real, 3-dimensional piece.  Hankin says that she often does this and enjoys the processes of drawing it first and making it real and tangible.


Hankin grew up with creative parents, one an interior designer and the other an architect.  She was inspired by her parents and textures to create these pieces.  The main inspiration behind this gallery was textures.  Her parents gave her an eye for detail so this continued onto her artwork for this gallery.  She wanted to explore the different textures and look at the smaller things that composes the bigger things.  She also wanted this idea to resonate with her audience.  She enjoys drawing but then makes them into prints because you cam make multiples with prints.


I thought that this gallery explored something that was different from past galleries.  Instead of looking at a particular message, Hankin focused on the textures and what really makes up the bigger picture that we all see.  The detail that was put into her work shows that sometimes, rather than looking at the bigger pictures, it is nice too look closer and see what the piece is really made of.  I think that the all of the pieces in this gallery is personal because it reflects back onto her upbringing and parents.

Check out her website! emmahankin.tumblr.com


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