Wk11 – Activity – Extra Credit

I was really excited that Geocaching was offered as an extra credit assignment.  I had so much fun with it the first time, I was stoked to do it again! I decided to go on this adventure with my friend Inessa!  The first ones that we did were on campus.

The cache that we ventured out to find first was called Fire Hydrant by jbauteeeesta.  This was perfect to start off the search because it was pretty easy and a big confidence booster!


The second one that we did was called Nebraska by ylimesnyder.  This one was a bit more difficult and we were about to give up.  Thank goodness we did not because it was a really cool hiding place for a cache!


We did not think that it would get more difficult than that but it did! We must have looked around for at least 20 minutes because it was such a clever spot!  Sadly, we were too short to log it so we just kept jumping but failed.  This one was called CSULB-Altoids container by genesis_jcb.


After the first one, the spots were pretty sneaky and cleaver.  They started to take a bit longer than spotting them immediately.  The fourth one that we did was called Treasure in the benches by chris7chang.


The last one we did was our favorite.  It was Miniature House by ajxcaluya.  This cache was by a coffee shop that was really good! After we found the cache, we got a cup of coffee and tea and called it a day.


This was such a fun activity and I was beyond excited to do it.  It was a fun adventure to have and I highly recommend it anyone who has some free time and gas!


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