Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art

I asked a stranger that walked by to hold it up for me!
I asked a stranger that walked by to hold it up for me!

For this week’s activity I was fairly excited. In high school, I took an art class in high school and it was focused on 3-dimensional art. One of our projects was to create a tie-dye piece to hang up on the wall. I thought that this was perfect because I was able to take what I learned from that class and take it to this class! The project that I decided to do was a piece that I was able to pin pictures and such on without poking so many holes in my wall. I remember my mom would get really mad because I always wanted to hang pictures up.

I started this assignment by going to my local art store; in this case, my store was Joann’s. I walked around the isles and looked for a relatively inexpensive kit because they all seemed to be pretty expensive! I picked up a kit and went home. I prepared for this process by wearing clothes that I would not mind possibly ruining. I set up my station on my lawn and ran some water to have it ready. I had gloves to protect my hands from staining and from there, I was ready to start the actual process. The last thing I did was look up a YouTube tutorial.

I started by picking the design that I wanted to do on my piece. I rolled up the piece of cloth that I was going to dye and I tied them with rubber bands. The design that I picked was the classic spiral or swirl. This seemed the easiest to make and the easiest to not mess up. I picked the colors magenta, blue, and green because I thought that they would look the nicest together. I did not take any pictures of the process because I did this alone I did not want to ruin my phone.

I was very pleased with my piece because it did not seem to be too bad! The last time I did tie-dye, I was in a big classroom surrounded by people so it was easy to do. I also had an instructor right by my side and talking me through everything. But this time, I was alone and I thought I did fairly well. This was a fun assignment that I have been wanted to do again. It was nice to take a break from homework and do this project!


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