Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon


For this week’s artist conversation, I decided to write about Kathy Yoon. Yoon is at Cal State University, Long Beach as a ceramics major. Yoon was not always a student at Long Beach; she is a transfer student from Cypress College. After college, she is ideally hoping to work in entertainment or in an animation studio making character designs. She would also like to still create pieces of her own and possibly put them in galleries. This was her first solo as an artist but has been in a few group exhibitions in the past. Her pieces are all made out of ceramics and were fired twice. Each piece averaged out about 2-3 weeks. The whole gallery took a year to make.


While she is creating her work, Yoon enjoys listening to music and podcasts. She listens to these because they are easy to listen to. She got her start in art at a young age. She always enjoyed crafts and drawing. Ceramics was in a way a lucky accident. Yoon took ceramics because it was one of the last art classes to take and instantly fell in love with it. She loved it because she was able to create 3-dimensional objects rather than something flat on paper.


For this gallery, Yoon wants her audience to get a sense of who the artist is. Her inspiration for this was her own feelings and emotions. Some of the feelings that is seen in this gallery was sadness, depression, silliness, playfulness, and frustration. Yoon related to the piece in the back left corner the most, at that point and time. An artist that Yoon enjoys is Tim Burton. A student pointed out that her pieces have a resemblance to Burton’s pieces.


From the ideas, sketches, and the actual pieces. Yoon’s character and emotions really flow out of the figurines. They each have a personality of their own and emotion within a story. You feel the different things that the artist felt on the faces of the pieces. There was a strong sense of self in each of these pieces. They are also very relatable as well. When walking through the galleries, there are faces that you can imagine yourself making and feeling. Maybe you have felt like the little character with their head on the wall when you were about to give up? These little creatures were beautiful and oddly human!


Follow her on Instagram! @kathy.c.yoon


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