Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Forest Nutter


This week, I talked to Forest Nutter! We met in the courtyard in the galleries. I have to say, I interview a lot of engineers! There may have been a couple of people that were not engineers but for the most part, most of them were engineers. To start off, Forest is a third year electrical engineering student at Cal State Long Beach. After college, he is thinking about going into microprocessors but he is keeping an open mind. He is from San Marcos.

He chose Long Beach because at University of California, San Marcos, there was no engineering program! I was really surprised at this because I thought that they would have at least a civil engineering program. So coming to Long Beach was the next best bet for Forest. He likes Long Beach because it is cold sometimes. Forest has a lot of hobbies, which include rock climbing, snow boarding, mountain biking, and playing video games. His favorite book is called The Gatekeepers. I thought that this was pretty cool because not a lot of guys that I have met liked to read at all!

We talked about our experiences in high school for a little bit. He said that he played soccer and I thought that it was really cool! I told him about how I used to play volleyball and how I hated running so I had a lot of respect for anyone who ran in their sport! Something that I was really jealous of him for was the fact that he has a cat. Even though his cat is not down here but back home, I have wanted a cat. I told him how I had, in my opinion, the cutest dog in the world.

Forest and I agreed that we really like this class because there are no tests. You also are not forced to have a paper and pen assignments but activities instead. When there are difficult classes to take, it is really refreshing to have a class that is a bit eclectic to take out some of the stress. And for the classmate conversation of the week, he thinks that they are permanent art. Personally he would never get a tattoo. I agree only partly because I have been thinking about getting a tattoo myself! The only thing stopping me is the fear of commitment of a tattoo. That’s a big indicator I should not get a tattoo!


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