Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata


This week, I talked to Christopher Linquata, the artist behind Sacred & Profane.  This gallery was in the Gatov-West gallery and it caught my eye the most.  Linquata is currently in his last semester of obtaining his MFA in representational painting and drawing.  Before going to Cal State Long Beach, he attended Cal State Northridge.  Walking into these galleries, you are immediately taken by the big paintings all around the gallery and a few small ones in the corners.  These mural-like pieces are painted with acrylic paint.  The artist used acrylic because it dries a lot faster than oil.


Before attending Cal State Long Beach, Linquata worked at Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada for 6 months.  It became natural for him to paint large murals.  He also enjoys creating larger paintings because you can roll them up and take them anywhere.  For this gallery, it took 10 hours in total to paint all of the pieces.  It took 3 years to put the whole gallery together because there were a lot of factors that went into it from ideas to painting the last piece.  For many of his works, Linquata will draw out imagination, memories, or maybe he will even draw or paint at the setting.  This makes his pieces unique to his perspective.


There were a lot of things that inspired Linquata to make these paintings.  He was most inspired by nature and the renaissance era.  In a few of the paintings, it is set at a beach.  One of the paintings was heavily inspired by a place in San Pedro called the Sunken city.  Piero de la Francesca was also a big influence on Linquata.  De la Francesca is referenced in 2 of his paintings in the gallery.  The models that he used in every painting was himself and people around him.  This included people such as friends, family, and other MFA students at Cal State Long Beach.  Linquata explains that his paintings are a place through his eyes, onto a wall.  He does not “copy” places because it makes the painting flat and at that point, you minus well put a picture on a wall.


I really enjoyed his gallery because of how personal it was.  Although a lot of other pieces seen in the past were personal as well, this was literally personal because he was in all of them.  He also put in people that he knew.  This connected him to his pieces because he took mythical or biblical works and transformed them into something that was his.  I thought that these were so interesting because they had identifiable stories behind them, just with different people.  Overall, this gallery was captivating due to the creativity, detail, and stories behind each and every painting created.

Check out his instagram! @icon5350

or his Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/christo.linquata


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