Wk12 – Classmate Conversation – Alicia Jones


This week I talked to Alicia Jones!  We met right before the galleries opened by the benches of the art store.  To start off, Alicia is a second year film major at Cal State Long Beach.  Before she chose this major, she was a communications major but realized that it was not for her.  She is from Los Angeles, California and commutes to school everyday.  I instantly thought that was crazy because I thought of Downtown Los Angeles.  But she assured me that it was not too bad because she lives on the edge of the city.  She went to Gahr High School in Cerritos.  It was such a coincidence because in high school, my high school volleyball team played Gahr in a pre-season match so we started talking about sports!

In high school, Alicia was a cheerleader.  I told her that I had respect for cheerleaders because the stunts that they do are crazy! For anyone who thinks cheerleading is not a sport, I beg to differ!  Alicia has done pop warner, high school, and is now doing all star.  She also coaches when she can because she said she never really wants to get out of the cheerleading world.  I thought this was so cool because there are not many people that carry on a sport after high school.  When she is not in the cheer world, she likes to hang out with friends.

In high school, I had an assignment called a senior project and it required me to film and make a comic book.  I dreaded every minute of it.  So when I met Alicia, I thought to myself, that must be such a tedious major.  I never met a film major before so I asked how she got into it.  Her response was completely different from my experience in high school!  She said that while she was in high school, she had little projects similar to my senior project.  She really enjoyed making these little projects so it inspired her to get her degree in film.  After completing her bachelor’s degree, she hopes to be a film editor. How awesome is that?

For the classmate conversation, Alicia had a pretty interesting answer.  For the color that calms her, pink would calm her the most just because she loves pink.  For the color that activates her, she chose red because red is usually associated with the angry emotion.  I agreed with red because quite often enough, “angry” things are shown in a red color.  An example of this was in the movie Inside Out!  I had a different color that activated me but I was able to see how pink was a calming color as well.  I usually associate the color pink with sweets or innocence.  But both answers were really interesting!

Check out her blog! https://aliciachristinajones.wordpress.com/


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