Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Erika Cobarrubias


This week, I spoke to Erika Cobarrubias.  We met when we were sitting outside of the galleries waiting for the doors to open.  I thought it would be kind of tough today because I already spoke to a handful of people.  Also, a lot of the people that I saw already had a classmate conversation.  Erika looked really familiar and I remembered that we had a class together our very first semester at Cal State Long Beach! It was so odd because all throughout the semester, I thought that I saw everyone in the class, despite the fact if I spoke to them or not. But when I saw Erika I thought she was there just roaming around!

Erika is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and is 19 years old. She is a Kinesiology major and hopes to be a physical therapist. She attended Los Alamitos High school and was in choir all for years at in high school. She currently lives in Cypress and drives a Toyota 4 Runner. I have a Camry so I thought it was crazy that she had a big SUV. This was just over the pure fact that I was kind of scared to drive big cars. I came to find out that she currently works at an ice cream parlor right by my house and works with some people from my former high school. What a coincidence!

Some of her hobbies include hiking, Netflix, and eating anything! I thought that this was funny because she is so tiny! I could not agree about her hiking hobby because I am more of a homebody. I prefer to stay in and watch TV or read a nice book. It has truly been a long time because I did not expect her join a sorority. She is in the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha and is currently enjoying her new Greek life.

For the classmate question of the week, she believes that everyone can “see” art the same but all have different perspectives on the meaning of the piece. She believes that she we all individually create meaning. I thought this was a really cool idea because personally, I saw art as flat. I saw it as an object that is inanimate object that had no meaning. This class really helped me and my perspective of art because I am now able to understand art and the possible meaning to them. This class is great because it makes the world seem so small. I never expected to see old classmates!


Check out her blog! https://erikacobyy.wordpress.com/


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