Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Estelle Antonini


This week I spoke to Estelle Antonini for my artist conversation. When I walked into the galleries, I immediately knew who I was going to talk to. All of the pieces in the galleries were so great but this one just caught my eye. I was looking at the work of Estelle Antonini. Her piece was a movie but the drawings and paintings that I was looking at were parts of her movie. Some of the sketches were done in pencil but some were digital. There were also a few pieces that were done in watercolor.


Estelle is in her last year at Cal State Long Beach and is ready to obtain her BFA focusing on animation and visual development. She went from industrial design to graphic design and found this major and found it fitting her. She showed an interest in art from a young age so it was not surprising for her to be an art major. She hopes to work in character design or development and is currently applying to different jobs. This is her first time creating a movie. The movie will be about 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Antonini described the process as 24 pictures per second. The name of this film is Tundra.


The main inspiration behind this film was from a BBC documentary that she watched. She was fascinated by Enets culture and decided to make a movie about it. The main character if this movie is called Galya. For this movie, she did a lot of research. Antonini did not want to disrespect this culture and wanted to accurately portray it. The Enets are rain deer herders and were forced to give up their lives. The children were forced to go into boarding schools and some tried to escape, but unfortunately some died along the way. The main character of this movie, Galya, is essentially playing this out and eventually escapes the boarding school.


I thought that it was really interesting because I have never heard about the Enets before. It was really interesting to hear a brief run though about the inspiration behind this movie because she took the history and made it into her own piece. Some of the pieces that were my favorite were the watercolor pieces. They had so much detail to them that it looked like it was digitally done. When I saw little snip bits of her movie, I was kind of sad that it was not done because it looked amazing!


Check out her website! stlart.tumblr.com

Contact her by: stl.antonini@gmail.com


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